Talk-of-the-town Cookoovaya revisited…

Casual art de la table yet sophisticated taste made of greek products.

My first time in Cookoovaya was a disaster… nothing appealing enough to choose from the main courses on the menu (just some bullshit fatty dishes), nightmare service & overall poor experience despite the impressive decor & the star-chefs in the kitchen who had helped this restaurant become talk-of-the-town before it even opened. (Read more about my first impression here).

But the other day I went to Cookoovaya again for lunch and it felt much better, comfortable & satisfying. The location is great anyway (just behind the Athens Hilton hotel).

First of all, the menu has changed for the better, including some actually yummy dishes instead of the strange (aka terrible) ideas the chefs had insisted on before. Now the talented men in the kitchen well demonstrate their skills by turning some traditional greek recipes into perfectly-cooked gourmet dishes. The results are delicious!

Though the service is still very basic (for a restaurant of this price range), they at least manage to bring the stuff you have ordered right.

What more could I ask? Athens is not Mykonos, after all…