Most value-for-money sushi at Nakama

"Oh La La" new style sushi at Nakama Casual Sushi bar

It opened just more than a month ago in Kolonaki but the news has travelled super-fast. Nakama Casual Sushi-bar is what all sushi-lovers dream about: good-quality nigiri, maki, sashimi plus delicious new-style rolls at just the right (see: «low») price!

Nakama has become talk-of-the-town for all the right reasons (not some pretentious design or marketing), gathering a 30something clientele of good (but not necessary expensive or sophisticated) taste.

I guess that’s why the handsome owner & ex-model Alex called it «casual»… Because you don’t need to think about it twice before coming here with your friends on a Tuesday evening…

Read more about Nakama Casual Sushi here (in greek).