Try the miracle (though a bit expensive) cheesecake at Kyveli patisserie!

Giant oreo cookies cheesecake for two or just for me? #ultrasweettooth

Oreo cookies, caramel toffee, peanut butter, strawberry, praline, apple & cinnamon… there are so many cheesecake flavours at Kyveli Patisserie to choose from!

The owner Kyveli Papaioannou is not a chef patissier or anything like that. Just a young woman with passion & talent for amazing cheesecakes! That’s why she specializes only in what she loves the most & doesn’t mess with other pastries badly.

The truth is that the price tag is a bit expensive. Is it justified by the quality? I wouldn’t know. Is it justified by great taste? Hell yeah!

Info: Kyveli patisserie so owns the concept of a «perfect cheesecake» that their official web site is actually!