Sweet reminder: Despina patisserie is not only about mille-feuille!

The art of sharing something so sweet as Despina's cheesecake or double chocolate mousse with your closest friends...

These few hot days & nights before holidays I am so desperately bored & tired of the city that I only find consolation in desserts & TV series

This is when I catch up with pop culture while stuffing my mouth with all kinds of delicious pastries, tartes, chocolate mousses, cakes, ice-creams & sweet pies, having the best time in my air-conditioned flat before leaving to a beautiful island. Outside is so depressing. Inside it’s so comfortable & sweet 🙂

My all-time-classic addiction is Despina patisserie, a pastry shop that is neither fancy nor hip or talk-of-the-town or exclusive or super-expensive but it is just… perfect with all kinds of desserts. Not just the renown «Mille-feuille» Despina is famous for.

Trust me! When it comes to a good cheesecake, ekmek or tiramisu, no well-designed packaging is necessary to make my mouth wet.