Dimitris goes to the Athens Riviera

 Athens Riviera is a casual term we have been using the last few years to describe the ultra-beautiful coastline of Athens, all the way from Piraeus to Cape Sounion & the magnificent ancient temple of Poseidon. There is even a popular hashtag on instagram #athensriviera (thanks to visionary Chrysanthos Panas, a cosmopolitan enterpreneur who started the trend).

The Athens Riviera is where Athenians have fun during the long greek summer. There is so much to do here & from place to place it really feels as if you are in Miami, L.A. or on a greek island, just 10 minutes away from the Athens city center. It’s a pity most tourists don’t have the slightest idea about the sandy beaches, the cool suburbs & the resort lifestyle of this less-known part of Athens. #dimitrisgoes attempts to change that with this post full of smart ideas & inviting images.

(Read more about the #athensriviera here – in greek)