Strange Cities: Athens, a must-see art project

Strange cities Athens Amazing digital collage by artist Seb Jarnot, FR at #StrangeCitiesAthens

Held in the decadent centre of the city, at Diplarios Sholi, this innovative art project by the super-active Stegi – Onassis Cultural Center has been based on a smart idea: selected pop artists from around the world were given some audio clues (a song by Manos Hadjidakis & another one by K. bhta), as well as reading material (a poem, two chapters of a book, a recipe) and they were asked to present their impression of Athens, without any previous visual contact with the actual city… None of them had ever been here before!

The results are thrilling and this is definitely an exhibition one should not miss, whether he is an Athenian or a sophisticated visitor…

Go there even if you are not much of an art-savvy. The view from the huge windows to the decadent surrounding buildings is a rewarding experience of its own!