A quite different & one-of-a-kind italian brunch at Sale & Pepe

Omelette with Keta salmon caviar (top) & Frittata Italiana -eggs with zucchini, cherry onions, mushrooms, parmigiano & prosciutto S.Daniele riserva (bottom)

It can’t get more authentic italian than that!

Brunch at Sale & Pepe in Kolonaki is not the typical (american) one you’ll find almost identical at most restaurants across the city. Instead of burgers & scrambled  eggs, it offers some traditional italian breakfast snacks (like the frittata omelette) or some deluxe choices like the yummy though healthy Maguro tuna fish served with a fine fennel puree & sweet orange salad.

Enjoy before Sale & Pepe moves to Mykonos for the summer!