Why I won’t go to NOLAN again (or at least till summer…)

NFC (Nolan Fried Chicken) signature dish...

The news about a contemporary little restaurant with a greek-japanese-chinese-korean-fusion-something cuisine has spread fast among the trends-thirsty crowd, making NOLAN an instant hit. But is it worth all the buzz?

Well… The food is tasty at a reasonable price & quite different than in every other restaurant in Athens. I give them that, BUT:

a) The dishes are super ugly, appearing like expensive fast food rather than some creative cuisine. Look at these pictures here… Doesn’t everything look like KFC or Captain Iglo?

b) The place is super tiny & full of tables so close to each other that you can practically feel/smell each other’s breath. That can be good if you fancy a total stranger eating next to you, but come on, how often does this happen? I imagine there will be more space as soon as the weather permits tables outside. But till then…

c) Light design is also terrible, everybody looking like the ghost of himself.

d) The service is polite but inadequate. I prefer the thoroughly trained employees at McDonald’s.

e) The crowd is a mix of all the wrong people who have come to see a restaurant not intended for them. Maybe when it stops being so «hot», a young crowd of hipsters or some well-informed tourists could make NOLAN what it should have been since the beginning.