Terre d’ Hermes eau de parfum: this is a modern classic!

Springtime at last!

This is one of my top favourite fragrances since its launch in 2009, a classic perfume beyond trends, the one I turn to every time I need to feel safe & fresh, strong & optimistic. As the Master Parfumer of Hermes, Jean-Claude Ellena, says (this is about) «Feeling the earth, lying on the ground, gazing at the sky.» And I miss this feeling so much lately…

I got my new huge (200ml) bottle of Terre d’ Hermes eau de parfum at the nearest Sephora store, although it’s also available online.

Terre d’Hermès tells a story of the mythic elements of the ancient and natural world—a story of transformation from earth to bloom. Mineral notes give root to woody tones and warm resins flow behind rich green notes and clear dewy water to bloom into the air with the vivacity and sparkle of citrus scents enhanced by a note of shiso.

Notes: Grapefruit, Woody Notes, Mineral Notes, Green Notes.
Style: Woody. Vegetal. Mineral.