Rouan Thai: true foodies’ secret (in Piraeus) exposed!

Delicious yellow curry, sticky rice & Pad Thai noodles!

Next time you find yourself in Piraeus an hour before you take the ferrie to a dream island, make sure you try the authentic experience of Rouan Thai, a low-profile & low-budget restaurant resembling a greek taverna, although cooking the real thai stuff exactly like they do it in Bangkok.

This is a true foodie’s paradise, where we can afford to order all the thai specialties we absolutely love without thinking it too much… ‘Cause it’s that cheap! The must tries? The Coconut Milk soup (Tom Kha Gai), the (yellow, red, green) curries & the Pad Thai noodles are amazing!

Thank you my foodie friend Myronas for showing me the way! I owe you one 😉