Best Thai in town: Blue Bamboo, Tamarind or Buba?

Veggie spring rolls at Buba.

Thai is internationally considered to be people’s most favourite cuisine after ItalianAthens may not have as many authentic Thai food options as, let’s say, NYC or London, but we do have two fine restaurants on the «hip» side of Thai cuisine: Blue Bamboo & Tamarind!

Both Blue Bamboo & Tamarind are every day full of a young & sophisticated crowd, not only because they prepare all those delicious beloved dishes (red or yellow curry, dumblings, spicy beef, spring rolls, noodles, even Peking Duch, which is more chinese than thai but whatever…) that made Thai famous, but also because they are good with cocktails… And hipsters can’t do without cocktails, can they?!

Well, there is also Buba in Kifissia, but I wouldn’t recommend it, except for the cocktails (read here)… Got it?

(Follow the links if you wanna read more (in greek) about Blue Bamboo & Tamarind).