UNHUMAN: Stunning collage art by Michalis Baboussis

Check below some strong & beautiful collage art that came to my attention lately. Isn’t this smart or what?

The artist is Michalis Baloussis born in Athens in 1981. He studied graphic design and is the initiator of «He-m-n-oid«, a project which through a wide range of applications such as visual arts, fashion design, styling and music (dj sets), creates a complex audio-visual environment with common aesthetic references. His work has already been presented at Six d.o.g.s‘ project space, at Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, at Kunsthalle Athena and in fashion & art magazines such as Fashion Installation, Pixie and Rotter, Dreck, Kaltblut, JAR De Sens, Oldmag.net.

Check more of his collages on tumblr & facebook.

(Copyrights of the images used are not owned by this artist. The images are only used to create new artwork for personal creativity use)