Un Jour a la Plage summer postcards by Kostis Fokas

The summer may be (soon) over but we can still keep the sexy memories…

The art project Un Jour a la Plage” by the young & much-promising artist-photographer Kostis Fokas, today highlighted on #dimitrisgoes, is an attempt not to let this summer be forgotten.

Kostis Fokas, who spends his time between Chania (Crete) and London, has seen his work beeing featured in such internationally acclaimed publications as Dazed & ConfusedViceJuxtapoziGNANTLui magazineMetal MagazineBeautiful/Decay, as well as many other national and international publications and websites.

This time Kostis returns to the land that made his work stand out (Chania) with an exhibition-ode to the greek summer, his summer vacations in Crete and the wild beauty of the Cretan landscape, recognizing their significant contribution to the development of his photographic projects as well as his further practice as a photographer. The exhibition “Un Jour a la Plage” opens today 28/8 at 1866 Square, Chania (until 10/9).