The (overestimated) brunch at Mama Roux… Is it worth the fame?

This was supposed to be a kind of Croque Madame #not

I know you all think of Mama Roux when it comes to a carefree Sunday brunch with friends in the always happening center of Athens, but think again… When was the last time you actually had something well-made & delicious there? And how about the poor service?

The last few years Mama Roux has been a big hit among cool Athenians looking for some London or Berlin-like place to have brunch, lunch or dinner in a bohemian cafeteria-style restaurant with international (both French & middle-eastern) cuisine. It was even listed among the Trip Advisor’s best.

In the beginning, of course, brunch at Mama Roux was new & had fun, so we all followed the trend writing rave reviews for this (then) value-for-money eatery for the rising hipster crowd of the city. But as it has become famous, Mama Roux has changed & now it’s definitely not the same any more…

The last few times I was there, I was very dissapointed: the burgers were not juicy but oily, the eggs were flat, the bread dry as the dessert, the prices noticeably higher than the quality & the service as poor as ever!

Well, it’s ok if you wake up hungry & have nowhere else to go & stuff yourself, but let’s cut the bullshit: it doesn’t even compare to nearby Harvest, Malconi’s in Kolonaki, or Nixon, the choice of the sophisticated crowd that started the whole brunch thing in Athens anyway.