#Sweettooth Special: 12+1 signature desserts we absolutely LOVE!

MEGA Choux Pastry with strawberries by Michalis, Kifissia.

Some places, pastry shops or restaurants, are best known for one signature dessert everybody is looking forward to taste, no matter what else is on the menu… That’s what makes them famous & unique!

So what if Despina patisserie makes lots of other delicious sweets… You can be sure that guests who arrive at your doorstep holding a Despina box, have brought you some of the famous Despina’s mille-feuille! It’s an easy guess!

Go around the city trying the desserts featured below! Trust me beacause… I sure have tried them all!

(Click for more info on Despina – Kozi’s – Cake – Lukumades – Emi’s cupcakes – Kyveli – Michalis – Spiti – Prosopa – Sea Satin)