OMG this is a totally #nomnom beef fillet salad!

The tender beef fillet, famous among the yuppies & the laid-back bourgeoisie of Kolonaki...

One of those plain but delicious dishes I dream about when I need some comfort! The beef fillet salad at Alfiere caffe, made of fine materials & italian-style gourmet simplicity, is all I ask to cheer up & keep going in the middle of a super-busy & difficult day.

Alfiere caffe is an oasis of authentic italian refinement anyways… I love going there for a morning cup of coffee & little italian snacks (complete with truffle oil) or a late evening glass of prosecco. But their beef fillet salad is what they are famous for among a clientele of Kolonaki yuppies or the laid-back (no real profession) bourgeoisie of this (used-to-be) posh neighbourhood 😉