Made in Italy lunch break or… aperitivo at DRY Caffe & Spuntino

Light lunch having green salad with chicken breast or salmon +++ Aperol Spritz!

DRY Caffe & Spuntino is the closest it gets to an authentic italian caffe, just like the famous ones in Milano, Rome or Napoli, located instead at Kolonaki posh square, Athens.

This is where I love to meet & catch up with friends during lunch time when I am in the city centre. Or spend Saturday afternoons, after-shopping, drinking a spumante (sparkling) wine or Aperol Spritz. Or follow the «aperitivo» italian tradition (light dinner buffet offered with your drinks) after office.

The «italian caffe» concept suits me best after all, as I am very fond of the italian culture of doing literally everything over fine coffee, food, wine or desserts. Flirting, gossiping, closing deals, breaking up… believe me when I say I’ ve done it all in DRY!