Have you tried the Abramovic Method yet?!

Thodoris Trampas, Pagaia (8 hours per day for 7 weeks a body set

AS ONE is another must-visit art project by NEON  (check here the previous one) & the Marina Abramovic Institute held at the Benaki Museum (on Pireos st.) until 24 April 2016. This is an extraordinary contemporary art… thing & this is why:

The Performances

A total of 29 Greek & international young & talented artists are taking part in AS ONE, selected by the ultimate star of the performance art, Marina Abramovic herself. This is a super large & ambitious project that seems to have engaged and inspired the Greek public. The museum is full every day! And there are so many of us trying the… Method.

The Abramovic Method

A series of excercises designed by Marina Abramovic to engage the public. You are asked to store all your personal belongings inside lockers: wristwatches, mobile phones & cameras. Together with others, you all perform some warm-up excercises designed to stimulate the senses, strech out the body & focus the mind on what is to come. The preparation allows participants to center their attention on being present inside the moment, motionless & connected, without obstacles of any kind. It really works, resembling some kind of meditation. I strongly recommend you should try it!