Have something light & healthy at famous Nixon brunch!

Pocahed eggs on english muffins with spinach, gravlax salmon, bottarga from Messologhi & Hollandaise sauce.

Right now I am going through this (after-Xmas) phase: I am trying to lose a bit of extra weight & eat as healthy as possible. But all this without getting in a miserable diet…

What I usually do is order the healthiest dishes on the menu. And Nixon (famous for the big fat yummy burgers it serves on Sundays) has one or two other things I love to have for brunch, like the poached eggs with spinach & salmon or the delicious green & red Kale salad with quinoa & honey mustard.

And if you cannot skip dessert either, you can always have the pancakes with honey & cinnamon. They are not calorie-free of course but they are as healthy as they are sweet. So no regrets!