At last! Find the amazing Common Projects shoes at i-D Concept Store

These are by far my favourite everyday (+travel) shoes, comfy & deluxe at the same time!

I used to shop for Common Projects online but since the whole «capital control» messy situation that was not possible any more… Fortunately, the new i-D Concept Store in Kolonaki (a msut-visit!) has brought my favs (among other amazing stuff) to Athens for the very first time & that’s how I got this beautiful pair in a sophisticated grey color. Aren’t they beautiful?

The founders of Common Projects, Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami, have revolutionised the luxury sneaker industry with their discerning eye for understated style. Crafted in Italy with quiet-cool appeal, these sneakers (+ chelsea boots) are cut from ultra-smooth soft leather and emblazoned with the brand’s signature gold serial numbers.