Aloe Vera or Yoghurt? What is the best After Sun?

Aloe Vera & Yogurt After Sun body milks by Korres

Having a fair complexion myself, I tend to get sun-burnt easily while working on my tan. I know it sounds stupid & dangerous but I hate being pale-white in the summer, when all the rest resemble sexy brazilian models… It used to be a nightmare (I couldn’t even sleep at night), but the last few years I have found the solution: Korres After Sun lotions!

Which one is better though? Aloe Vera or Yoghurt? It depends… Yoghurt is better in instantly cooling down heavily sun-burnt skin that hurts. It’s a solution that works its magic! Aloe Vera on the other hand is better to use on just sun-irritated skin. It helps skin regeneration, deeply moisturizes & smells sexy!