Playmobil movie posters to win an extra Oscar

THE BIG SHORT should win the Oscar for Writing (Adopted Screenplay)
This is Oscars weekend at last & I have asked my dear instagram friend & playmobil fan Catherine Xenou (aka @katrinxen) to prepare some imaginative «PlaymoPosters» to celebrate the occasion 🙂 Aren’t they great?
I love Catherine’s creativity & irony, her unique twisted eye on pop culture. But I should let her speak for herself:
«My name’s Catherine Xenou, I’m 31 and I work in a community home for children in danger. Not so long ago, while at work, a Playmobil evoked a childhood flashback. We must consider ourselves quite lucky if we can go back to the security of happy childhood memories. Since then, I can’t get back to the future! What I do with Playmobil figures is not complex or magnificent. I just play. The subjects I choose to reproduce are part of the bright side of life, things that make us smile! A part of life that I love is cinema so here there are some PlaymoPosters based on the Oscar Nominations 2016. You can smile at my pictures on Instagram @katrinxen
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