Markos Andriotis at the trolley park…

A sui generis fashion eccentric wearing top prints of the season.

Shirt by Saint Laurent & shorts by Valentino (Luisa).

sui generis fashion eccentric is here lensed “in full bloom”  by the talented photographer Panos Davios exlusively for #dimitrisgoes wearing top prints of the season.

Markos Andriotis: Athens based fashion stylist, illustrator & blogger /one year course classes addicted /finished Fashion workshop by Vicky Kaya and interned at Vogue Hellas /does Elegant Greece travel magazine with his good friend photographer Vangelis Kyris / into ikea breakfast & friday night dinner at Acropolis museum restaurant / amor a la mexicana / loves Tinos / shy & shameless / runs

Panos Davios (D-Tales): Athens based photographer of the new ultra-talented generation. Born in Athens in 1983, he has studied photography at London College of Fashion. After graduating in 2008 he came back to Greece where he began his career working for various publications such as In StyleVotre BeauteMadame Figaro and the international fashion magazines Volt and Zoo among others. He has also collaborated with

Grooming by Marita Thoma-Politou(this is not another agency).

We thank Chrysanthos Panas of Panas Group for being so helpful! (as always…)

All sketches by Markos himself…