Falirofornia: L.A. style for boys/girls by MOHXA cool greek brand

MOHXA  clothing was launched a few years ago in Faliron  (by the sea) neighbourhood of Athens  & it has since become a hit among cool athenian hipsters in love with L.A. style patterned-wear.

This is their full collection exclusively lensed for #dimitrisgoes by photographer Panos Davios (dtales creative agency) & styled by Daphne Iliaki.

Hair/Make up by Dimitris Sarantou (dtales creative agency).

++ a note by the MOHXA team

“Willie didnt have a problem, few more humans on his cave…
It was the first time his penthouse would turn into a photo field.
A year now the place looks like a teenage punk rock garage.
“AIRBALL” spelled the pieces of foggy selotape on the black base drum of the drum set.
There were ashtrays full of buds on the amp.
It suited exactly the photographers vision. Carlo and Tibo are solid dudes and Coline was the most lovely french girl communicating with everything except her french put english worlds.
George and Daphne were the styling crew. Jason and Willie were hanging around jamming on occasion. A couple of coffes were drunk quickly, a couple more were never even touched and the beer was extra cold.
Panos was throwing his flash all over the place . It was all natural . There was a social flow , a transcedingly harmonius evening.”