Dimitris Petrou – Fragmented Conversations (S/S 2015 collection)

Petrou presents extreme cuts, harsh lines and bare naked stitches, giving birth to a race of ambigious male figures.

Dimitris Petrou

Photos: Christos Tzimas (this is not another agency) – Fashion Editor: Yiorgos Mesimeris – Grooming: Dimitris Sarantou (d-tales) – Model: Caio (X-Ray) -Retouching: Konstantina Kostopoulou. Shot exclusively for #dimitrisgoes.

Words by Haris Giannouras.

Dimitris Petrou  consists one of the most interesting cases of a contemporary greek designer, and maybe one of the most intriguing ones, whose work seems to evoke a bold and clean modern day interpretation of a 21st century man and woman.

His latest collection bares the title “Fragmented conversations” and one could say that it resembles a work sample of a creative minimalist, a mind in position of stripping down his artistic creations into the bare minimum, the absolute basics, and in a way navigating our attention into the very same core of his thoughts. A form of a “poetry of the less” that is capable of extracting beauty even in the most common and ordinary places.

Petrou presents extreme cuts, harsh lines and bare naked stitches, giving birth to a race of ambigious male figures drenched in subtle dynamism and romantic aura. Another element that doesn’t go unnoticed has to be the usage of a basic, black and white pallet, which allows the viewer to concentrate on the little details, the innovative forms and the contemporary shapes.

And here is exactly, at this fascinating game between his unfinished creations, where one can trace his fresh deconstructed perception. An approach which tries to reinterpret basic classics of a male wardrobe, like a blazer or a tuxedo, and recreate them with a new and experimental twist. Unpredictable materials like muslin, tule and organza paint the picture of dramatic sculptural figures, that expose a clean and yet complicated expressive vocabulary. At the end the outcome are silhouettes with a strong performance art presence, where the naked male body becomes itself a vital part of the creation, opening in a way a dialogue with the fragments of the garment.

A dialogue of the past and the future that intrigues and fascinates us.


(All sandals by Esiot)