A neo-prep Ivy League shirt for the weekend!

A light blue nu-preppy shirt for the modern urban Gatsby.

Great news for men who like it (nu-)preppy! Gant, shirtmakers since 1949, has just launched a new updated collection of timeless shirts in basic colors like white, light blue or baby pink.

The collection called Diamond G, named for an emblem that once appeared on the tail of Gant shirts, is all about the Ivy League East Coast University culture, as highlighted in the campaign video (watch below) that features an elderly campus dry cleaner narrating the story of all the changes he’s seen over the past 50 years, spoken over footage of campus-quad touch football, herringbone-clad students carrying picket signs, poetry readings, dances, and other ’60s-inspired collegiate scenes. Those students grew up to become important people who «changed the world, not the shirt».

The magnificent oxford-cloth shirts, with the non-fused collar which gives them that effortless vibe, are alpha-sized and therefore intended for a younger, sport shirt-wearing consumer rather than the old-fashioned dress shirt-wearing desk jockey.

I love them! Don’t you?