Have you tried the Bayview sandwich at ΣΑΝ ΦΡΑΝΣΙΣΚΟ?!

ΤΟ ΣΑΝ ΦΡΑΝΣΙΣΚΟ: ψιλοκομμένη γαλοπούλα με πάπρικα, τυρί γκούντα, hiney-mustard sauce, αβοκάντο είναι τα υλικά του απίστευτου Bayview sandwich!

Sliced turkey with paprika, honey-mustard sauce, Gouda cheese & avocado (the main ingredients of the Bayview) never tasted better before!

At ΣΑΝ ΦΡΑΝΣΙΣΚΟ (San Francisco) little eatery in the underground neighbourhood of Metaxourgio, all the delicious sandwiches get their names (& their american-style taste) from the easygoing city on the Pacific Ocean, famous for the relaxed attitude of its people.

The same attitude is present here so please be a little patient with time. After all, this is one of the best snacks you can have in Athens. Dont’s miss it!