Dimitris goes to Como (on a rainy day)

A year ago I woke up to this poetic view of Lake Como...

It was just a year ago that I found myself spending the day (together with my dear friend Anna-Maria & her family) at the legendary Villa d’ Este overlooking glorious lake Como.

It was in the middle of the summer, warm & humid, but with cloudy skies raining tropical storms (exactly the same like in Athens today…).

Words are not enough to describe how unique this hotel is, one of the last retreats for old-money international aristocracy with impeccable old-school service like nowhere else I have ever been to. A true nostalgic (and ultra-expensive) paradise of high class like we only see it in some old Hollywood movies.

A bit melancholic on that day, I have to say, but you could also describe it as… erm, poetic.