What’s all this craze for the new Zonars?!

Since its opening in December, the new elegantly renovated Zonars has become THE daily meeting-point & “instagram darling” for the stylish straight & the tasteful gay, for sophisticated politicians & the fashionable bourgeoisie, for old ladies with timeless class eating traditional greek “Mousaka” or “Lahanodolmades” at the restaurant plus the young generation enjoying coffee & desserts at the lounge area…

Everybody seems to enjoy this instant all-time-classic “Grand Cafe” by the distinguished Panas Group (Salon de Bricolage, Island) combining some of the original furniture since 1939 with contemporary lights created exclusively by the reknown international designer of greek origin Michael Anastassiades. And serving traditional greek cuisine of high standards along with superb sushi, amazing pastry & perfectly made cocktails.

A true Athens oasis (not just an instagram craze…) that is everything I had hoped for!

(read here also my article on the news of Zonars’ scheduled renovation several months ago…)