Top things I cannot resist to: Kalamaki Kolonaki

Kalamaki Kolonaki is the place that started the whole trend of “kalamaki deluxe” about ten years ago, a culinary pop phenomenon that has spread since then across Greece.

It was extremely rare before to find as juicy a turkey burger or a gourmet chicken skewer as this. And your choice of salad was between “greek” and “green”. Well, not any more…

Kalamaki Kolonaki still remains a pioneer in delicious & healthy food, introducing every now and then new simple yet yummy dishes such as the “kinoa burgers” or the “Rib Eye skewer” -apart from its talk-of-the-town turkey burgers of course!

I am so lucky this place is just round the corner from home & delivers fast whenever I have guests I want to keep happy or when I could use some foodporn myself.

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