The project T-shirts (cool, soft & contemporary…)

aThe “t-shirt season” is by no means over in September… I wear t-shirts & jeans all year round as a casual (yet sophisticated & contemporary) everyday attire or a sexy look to go out & have drinks in the evening. When it’s a bit cold, I throw over a warm jacket, but when it gets too hot in the club, my favorite t-shirt is just all the clothes I need even in mid December.

I have just recently discovered the (mainly) t-shirt brand The Project Garments and I am really thrilled with their light & soft cotton fabrics, their cool & modern designs, cuts & colors PLUS value-for-money prices, well taken care of packaging & super-fast delivery if you choose to shop online at

Below you can find some of the cuts & colors I love myself but there are so many more to choose from! Let’s get started! ‘Cause the t-shirts I’ve been wearing all summer now look old & boring…