Inside Ratka – Best kept secret of the Athens’ bourgeoisie…

Ratka, this bistro-like restaurant & bar in Kolonaki is perhaps the only timeless cool meeting point in this city, one that hasn’t changed through the years because it doesn’t have to.

For over three decades, anyone who is someone (the rich, the famous, the artists, the writers, the wannabes, the young & beautiful & aspiring or the old & chic & socially wise) has to come here if he wishes to hung out with people of his… kind. Lady Ratka, the woman who owns the place since the very beginning, still walks quietly among the tables, serving the old & the new clients alike.

This is an insiders’ place: usually a friend initiates you to the whole cult & it is very rare that someone will just call & book a table for the first time without having been here before. It is also closed on Saturday evenings (!) & Sundays.

You can’t even see well inside from the street & it has never never been advertised or otherwise promoted but from mouth to mouth. In fact, these here are some of the few rare pictures published!

My all-time-favorite dishes? The sea-urchin, the sirloin steak & the mocca cake dessert…

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