How to travel in stylethe luggage, the apparel & the tips!

Traveling is an opportunity to reinvent yourself & be perfectly cool if only for a few days (hours)…

That’s why I disagree with people traveling in their sweatpants & worst old shoes, but I wouldn’t want them to overdo it either. Traveling in true style lays somewhere in between…

Upgrade to A-list traveler by…

…Wearing comfortable fabrics & no tight clothes whatsover.

…Carrying light luggage. (Pack wisely: If you check twice, there are many items you don’t need to take with you.)

…Wearing comfortable shoes that aren’t made for running, but fashionably designed for urban flaneuring.

…Using a backpack that sets your hands free.

…Keeping a leather wallet or a cardholder in a safe zipped pocket.

…Not forgetting your mysterious sunglasses that hide tired eyes.