Best Street Food in town

This is where I head to when I need to grab a quick morning snack before I go to work or when I feel down a bit and I want to find comfort & joy in a delicious (although not considered precious) hot dog. Or when I’m just a little sick & tired of gourmet, cosmo or hipster places and “down-to-earth” is what I am looking for.

Do you ever feel like it? Well, I often do… and these are my -not so secret- choices of cool street food, or to be more accurate, food that you can take out to the city streets.


The Food Truck (at Mavili sq.) : Word-of-mouth hot dog (called by locals “vromiko” which means dirty…). The letter A to the alphabet of athenian street food.

Κώστας (Kostas): The best “greek souvlaki” you can have (with a secret-recipe spicy tomato sauce instead of tzatziki).

Streetwok : Best noodles-to-go in Athens! Try them!

Pie Works : Traditional american recipes as good as they get!

Schweinchen Dick : They know sausage as well as Germans do.

Mirch : A wrap combining Indian Tika Masala with greek souvlaki… #nomnom

Lycabettus : A simple bakery at Dinokratous str., Kolonaki, that’s something of a delicatessen, although it doesn’t itself advertise as such. Trust me with the prosciutto sandwiches, the chocolate muffins, the muesli bars and the cranberry cake.